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If you don't have an iPhone you can view the Waterprint App here.

Please contact us with suggestions or to let us know what you think about our App.

We're also currently working on designing a water filtration product like these.

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Welcome to Waterprint!

You've heard of carbon footprints, but what about water footprints?

Waterprint is a one-of-a-kind iPhone application that calculates how much water is imbedded in your daily activities, including what you wear, eat and drink. This application even includes a Waterprint calculator that quickly and easily tells you how much water it takes to grow a banana, manufacture a Tshirt, or brush your teeth.

This application is the first of its kind, and we will continue to add more items to our waterprint list and more detailed information regarding exactly how a water footprint is calculated.

We've designed this application with a clear, easy-to-use interface. The application is simple to navigate, and at every step of the way we've provided the Web links and other resources so that you can track down exactly where those waterprint totals come from and how you can reduce your own water footprint.

download waterprint
You can download the Waterprint app on the app store here.

• Items broken down into four easy categories:
   food, beverages, products, household
• Scroll through items by category or
• Calculate just how much water you’re using
   with our special "calculator" option. This option can also be used for your pet. So you can see how much water your dog's water fountain uses each year.
• Use our calculator's "total" function to
   easily compare the water footprint of one or
   more items.




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